Mission statement

The mission of Fulfilled Reading is to expand the influence of Fulfilled Eschatology grassroots – both among individual believers and among established online preterism ministries – in the cause of preserving the rightful teaching of Christ and His Apostles, specifically those derived from biblical principles concerning the end of the Old age and the endless time of the New.
To achieve our mission, we intend to fully utilize Fulfilled Reading as an alternative source, as well as foster an ever-growing network of dedicated writers who share the vision of Fulfilled Reading. We intend to succeed in this ambitious undertaking.


We began as TFCmagazine in June 2014 as place for publishing articles, stories, opinions and reviews, mostly concerning eschatology. However it is our hope that a wider range of subjects will be introduced in order to add not only a flavor of variety but how those things can be influenced by proper understanding of preterism. Over the weeks, the website had evolved into a significant Christian Preterist vehicle – gathering dozens of talented new writers (along with a handful of well-known established ones); promoting the core issues of moral conservatism in a highly-readable “magazine” format; and amassing a loyal following, particularly through its weekly features of new articles.
Publishing standards
In considertion of our mission and purpose, we of Fulfilled Reading seek to strengthen Fulfilled Eschatology grassroots – through informing and equipping them upon a foundation that centers in the Word of God and His inspired writers.